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Sustainable development is development which satisfies demands of the current time and at the same time do not makes dangers for future generations to satisfy their needs. Traditionally sustainable development concept involves economic, ecological and social development issues or economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability.Given proper frameworks, pricing signals, and regulatory regimes, markets can efficiently deliver on the economic objectives of sustainable development but markets alone cannot be expected to meet the needs of the most vulnerable groups and to protect the environment. The main market failures in addressing sustainable energy development issues are that:

  • markets do not account for environmental and social objectives,
  • they do not provide incentives for long-term R&D (research and development) in energy efficiency and saving measures, renewable energy as well as energy innovations and new technologies;
  • markets alone cannot be expected to meet the energy needs of the most vulnerable groups of population.

Where markets fail to protect these and other important public benefits targeted government policies and consistent regulatory approaches are needed. The problem is that government interventions are usually less efficient than market approaches. The policy measures and mechanisms that simulate market behaviour are preferable because economic tools of regulation are more efficient comparing with the administered systems. Sustainable energy monitoring framework allows to define goals of sustainable energy development and to track progress achieved in implementing policies and measures targeting specific goals of sustainable energy development. The challenge of sustainable energy includes crucial enabling roles for governments, international organizations, multilateral financial institutions, and civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individual consumers. Partnership will required, based on more integrated, cooperative approaches and drawing on range practical experience.



Draskovic, M.; Streimikiene, D. 2017. Foreword, In Sustainable Development: crisis or regulation? : Scientific Monograph, Podgorica: ELIT; SPH; CSZ, p. 19–23. ISBN 978-9940-673-10-9 [The National Library in Montenegro, Cetinje].


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