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Sustainable Energy Development and Sustainability Assessments in Energy Sector

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Though the essence of sustainable development is quite clear but the exact definition of sustainable development concept is still under discussions. There are more than 70 definitions of sustainable development that can be found in economic literature and which are mostly orientated to specific sectors for example nature, economics, civilization and expressing quite different aspects of sustainable development concept. Nevertheless the most appropriate definition conveying the idea of sustainable development is formulated in the communication of Brundtland commission (Brundtlan, 1987). This definition states that sustainable development is development which satisfies demands of the current time and at the same time do not makes dangers for future generations to satisfy their needs. Traditionally sustainable development concept involves economic, ecological and social development issues or economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability.


Whereas the definition of sustainable development was plenty criticised because of its uncertainty and openness to the various interpretations this eventually allowed to Pearce to call conception of sustainable development and sustainability as well as their derivatives such as sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, sustainable economic development , sustainable society etc. In practise sustainable development is assumed as capability to decouple economic development from resource utilisation and environmental pollution, in other words than consumption of natural resources increases more slowly than economic growth and environmental pollution is growing more slowly than consumption of natural resources. Such type of development can be treated as sustainable development.


Keywords: Agriculture; Lithuania; Sustainable development; Energy; Efficiency.



Streimikiene, D. 2017. Sustainable Energy Development and Sustainability Assessments in Energy Sector, In Sustainable Development: crisis or regulation? : Scientific Monograph, Podgorica: ELIT; SPH; CSZ, p. 363–418. ISBN 978-9940-673-10-9 [The National Library in Montenegro, Cetinje].


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