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Abandoned land: problems and solutions : Scientific study (in Lithuanian language)

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There is a large amount of abandoned land in Lithuania. This land is used neither as economic nor as agro environmental resource. This affects the country's agricultural development, hinders land resource management, undermine the country's image. Given the urgency of the problem the Government of Lithuania include this question into the Government Programme 2008–2012. Therefore, the scientific approach of the problem of abandoned land becomes more important.


The aims of the study – to examine the causes of abandoned land upraise and provide means for its management and use. Objectives of the study:

  1. To examine the foreign experience of abandoned land identification and the possible ways of its utilization;
  2. Define the concept of abandoned land and examine possible ways of its monitoring;
  3. Determine the causes of abandoned land upraise;
  4. Submit proposals for abandoned land management and utilization.

Work was to use scientific information and literature, law and other documents, statistical data analysis, induction and deduction, regional typological methods.


Lithuania abandoned land matters were dealt with few authors but foreign literature quite extensively analyzed the causes of abandoned land upraise, the possible utilization and its management problems.


Following an investigation, the definition of the abandoned land is proposed, fixed the amount of abandoned land in Lithuanian regions and their dynamics. Institutional and legal conditions for the management of the abandoned land are quite satisfactory in Lithuania. In order to activate the land market the project of the utilization of the abandoned land is designed, generated the offer to review the land tax, the distribution of funds of the RDP2007–2012.


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