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Agricultural and Food Sector in Lithuania 2013 (English version)


The publication “Agricultural and Food Sector in Lithuania 2013” is the fifteenth edition of the annual publications by the Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics (LIAE). This analytical economic survey of agriculture, processing industry and fisheries was prepared referring to the statistical information, accountability data of companies, and the findings of research conducted by the LIAE staff.


The year 2013 was one of the most successful for the Lithuanian agricultural and food sector within the entire period under analysis. While in 2013, as compared to 2012, the gross domestic product created in agriculture, forestry and fisheries went up by only 1.6%, but the growth was faster than in the whole country. In 2013 the Lithuanian agricultural and food sector increased export even by 10.8%. Balance of foreign trade in agricultural and food products has been positive since 2004. In 2013 it was 2.5 times higher than in 2009 and amounted to LTL 3385 million. National agricultural development was encouraged by the European Union (EU) and national budget support. In 2013 the share of the funds in the Lithuanian budget, assigned for financing of direct and investment assistance in agriculture, intervention and other market regulation measures, amounted to LTL 3.23 billion.


The publication presents changes in the indicators of the agricultural and food sector development covering the five-year period and focusing more considerable attention on the events and outcomes in 2013. With an aim of retaining the possibility for comparing the key tendencies, data in all surveys is provided following the single methodology and structure.


As in any previous year, some preliminary statistical indicators for the year 2013 were used. Final economic and financial outcomes will be reflected in the later publications of the Department of Statistics and in the next-year LIAE survey. Insignificant deviations due to rounding are possible in statistical data.

The publication is intended for all who are interested in the achievements and problems of the agrarian and food sector. Material provided here might be useful for agricultural specialists and scientists, farmers and entrepreneurs, teachers and students.


Our sincere gratitude goes to the Heads of the Department of Statistics and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania, the Agricultural Information and Rural Business Centre and their staff members for provided statistical information and advice. Dear readers, we are kindly looking forward to your remarks and proposals.



Agricultural and Food Sector in Lithuania 2013. Autorių kolektyvas: R. Melnikienė – vadovė... [et. al.]. – V.: Lietuvos agrarinės ekonomikos institutas, 2014. – 90 p.: iliustr., lent. (Online) ISSN 2351-6321.


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© Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics, 2014


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