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Intuitionistic fuzzy MULTIMOORA approach for multi-criteria assessment of the energy storage technologies


This paper proposes MULTIMOORA-IFN2 technique for multi-criteria decision making MCDM). The proposed approach involves information fusion which allows considering information expressed in both crisp and fuzzy variables. What is more, we introduce the aggregation of the different parts of MULTIMOORA which makes the technique more operational, especially in case of large-scale applications. The empirical example considers the case of energy storage technology selection. The sensitivity of the results obtained by applying MUTIMOORA-IFN2 is checked in two ways. The weighting is adjusted to ascertain whether the changes in the importance of the criteria impact the ranks of the energy storage technologies. Further on, the results obtained by applying MULTIMOORA-IFN2 are compared to those obtained by employing TOPSIS and VIKOR methods.


Keywords: Energy storage systems, Sustainability, Multi-criteria decision making, Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, MULTIMOORA.



Zhang, C.; Chen, C.; Streimikiene, D.; Balezentis, T. 2019. Intuitionistic fuzzy MULTIMOORA approach for multi-criteria assessment of the energy storage technologies. In Applied Soft Computing. Vol. 79, p. 410-423; ISSN: 1568-4946; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.asoc.2019.04.008; [Scopus; Science Citation Index Expanded; CompuMath Citation Index; Current Contents/Engineering, Computing & Technology].


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