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Assessment of Tax competition Influence on National Tax System Competitiveness (In Russian language)


The subject of the research is the condition of cross-country tax competition and its influence on the tax system compatibility.
The urgency of the research is determined by the prospects of tax government risks mitigation tools introduction in response to the necessity to reduce budget deficit on the whole and to the increasing risks of competitiveness lowering as a result of growing tax bases mobility in particular.

The purpose of the work is to assess the tax competition influence on competitiveness of national tax systems on the basis of cross-countries tax competition experience in the European Union.
The content and essence of tax competition are revealed. It is justified that risk of tax system competitiveness reduction is closely connected with the process of tax competition. Cross-countries tax competition is illustrated with the experience of the EU member countries. The statistical data confirming the trend to reduce tax rates in the EU countries are given. Factors of national systems competitiveness are defined. They are the level of tax burden on citizens’ income and business revenue, the amount of taxes and dues, period of time provided to prepare tax records and paying taxes, rating Doing Business, average annual economy growth rate, cost of labor and level of corruption. On the basis of the multicriterion methods SAW and PROMETHEE II a technique to determine tax competitiveness is presented.


Keywords: tax competition; tax coordination; tax system compatibility; tax climate; investment climate; tax risks; taxation in EU countries; SAW, PROMETHEЕ II methods.


Pugachev A. A., Parfyenova L. B., Podvezko A. 2019. Assessment of tax competition influence on national tax system competitiveness. In Ekonomika. Nalogi. Pravo = Economics, taxes & law. Vol. 12, No. 4, p.143-155, ISSN 1999-849X (Print), ISSN 2619-1474 (Online); https://doi.org/10.26794/1999-849X-2019-12-4-143-155; [РИНЦ, Google Scholar].


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