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Eat or throw away? Factors differentiating high food wasters from low food wasters

Abstract: More than half of food waste is generated at the household level, and therefore, it is important to tackle and attempt to solve the problem of consumer food waste. This study aimed to identify factors differentiating high food wasters from low food wasters. A large-scale survey was conducted in Lithuania. A total of 1001 respondents had participated in this survey and were selected using a multi-stage probability sample. Data were collected through face-to-face interviews using a structured questionnaire. Binary logistic regression modelling was used to analyse the effect of socio-demographics, food-related behaviours, attitudes towards food waste, and knowledge of date labelling on levels of food waste. Impulse buying, inappropriate food preparation practices, non-consumption of leftovers, lack of concern about food waste, and worry about food poisoning were related to higher food waste. On the other hand, correct planning practices and knowledge of date labelling were related to lower food waste. The findings of this study have practical implications for designing interventions aimed at reducing consumer food waste.


Keywords: food waste; households; food-related behaviours; attitudes towards food waste; knowledge of expiry dates; socio-demographics


Eičaitė, O.; Alenčikienė, G.; Pauliukaitytė, I.; Šalaševičienė, A. 2021. Eat or Throw Away? Factors Differentiating High Food Wasters from Low Food Wasters. Sustainability13, 10741;  [Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science); Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science); Scopus; DOAJ]; https://doi.org/10.3390/su131910741


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