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The LARS project in the newsletter >>

Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics is a partner in the Interreg project LARS - Learning Among Regions on Smart specialisation.


The LARS project aims at strengthening the regional innovation systems by transnational learning. LARS  helps the public sector lead Smart specialisation processes in their regions and connects innovation networks across regions. Right now LARS is moving towards its transnational learning phase.


COVID-19 changes, but does not interfere: LAEI researchers discuss the possibilities of pilot actions for the implementation of smart specialization with 11 European regions interactively >>

COVID-19 pandemic, which has dragged the world around, is inevitably changing the way international projects are implemented. International seminars are moving into an interactive space, changing the communication environment. However, researchers have so far managed to avoid critical disruptions in the implementation of commitments to ongoing international projects.


HORIZON 2020 projects speed up even in the face of COVID-19: LAEI researchers establish one of 40 European Multi-Actor Platforms for inclusive rural policy >>

International scientific project “SHERPA - Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors”, implemented under the HORIZON 2020 - RUR-2018-2020 Rural Renaissance programme, Grant agreement no. 862448, speed up even in the face of COVID-19. The project started in October 2019 and will run for four years. With 21 EU Member states covered by consortium partners (Belgium, France, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Portugal and other) SHERPA ensures a wide geographical coverage of Europe. Networks such as ERDN and Nordregio provide mechanisms to engage with expertise in other EU Member States not explicitly covered by the consortium. Researchers from the Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics are participating in the project as members of the ERDN expert network.


Activity Analysis Framework for Structural Change–Productivity–Climate Nexus in Agriculture >>

Activity Analysis Framework for Structural Change–Productivity–Climate Nexus in Agriculture

This research is funded by the European Social Fund according to the activity ‘Improvement of researchers’ qualification by implementing world-class R&D projects’ of Measure  No. 09.3.3-LMT-K-712


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