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The trends in bioeconomy development in the European Union: Exploiting capacity and productivity measures based on the land footprint approach


Bioeconomy comprises a novel approach towards economic development in the European Union (EU). Its development should be confined by the planetary boundaries (biocapacity). We integrate the land footprint approach related to production and land biocapacity to assess the trends in capacity and productivity of bioeconomy in the EU countries throughout 1997–2013. Results show that the level of production-based land footprint and land biocapacity vary across the EU countries. However, Belgium is the sole case where production-based land footprint exceeds land biocapacity. The highest possibilities for development of the bioeconomy sector are observed for Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia. Meanwhile, Estonia, Denmark and the United Kingdom have almost achieved the level of land biocapacity. Considering the catch up growth rate, almost all of the EU countries (with exception of Greece, France, Italy and Romania) show increasing footprint-to-biocapacity ratios with the highest values for Estonia and Latvia. The significant absolute decoupling between production-based land footprint and agricultural value added is observed in Denmark. Meanwhile, Italy, Lithuania and Spain show relative decoupling. Thus, these countries should pay particular attention to productivity improvements in forestry and agriculture. This study contributes to setting the targets for bioeconomy policy that can support the sustainable and efficient use of biological resources.


Keywords: Bioeconomy; Land footprint; Elasticity; Catch up; Decoupling; Sustainability; European Union


Liobikiene, G.; Chen, X.; Streimikiene,  D.; Balezentis, T. 2020. The trends in bioeconomy development in the European Union: Exploiting capacity and productivity measures based on the land footprint approach. In Land Use Policy. Vol. 91, 104375, ISSN: 0264-8377; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.landusepol.2019.104375; [Current Contents; Social and Behavioural Sciences; Environmental Periodicals Bibliography; Focus on Global Change; Geographical Abstracts; International Development Abstracts; International Political Science Abstracts; PAIS Bulletin; Research Alert; Social Sciences Citation Index; WAERSA; Human Geography; Scopus].


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