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LAEI researchers shared Lithuanian collaboration experience in developing smart specialization with 11 European regions


LAEI researchers shared Lithuanian collaboration experience in developing smart specialization with 11 European regions

On November 27-29, 2019 LAEI (Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics) researchers participated in the 4th international seminar of the INTERREG Baltic Sea Program project LARS - Learning Among Regions on Smart Specialization participated, held at Hamburg University (Germany).

During the seminar, LARS project partners presented the results of transnational learning on smart specialization, held in 11 partner regions. Seminar addressed the key challenges of smart specialization development, identified using Gap Analysis method, possibilities and obstacles of transferring the good practice between LARS regions aiming to close the collaboration gaps among the Quadruple Helix stakeholders. Factors contributing to failure and success for developing regional connectivity among partner countries in particular area of smart specialization (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany) were raised and discussed. LAEI smart specialization research concern in this project is focused on circular and bioeconomy field - biogas production from manure and waste in agribusiness.

Preparatory works for this LARS international seminar was started by LAEI scientists in mid-November. On the 14th of November, 2019 transnational learning seminar on LARS best practices from 11 European regions titled “Developing Smart Specialization in Cooperation: International Experience in EU Regions and Opportunities for Lithuania” was organized in Vilnius and attracted 20 participants in total from all four helixes‘stakeholders: government representatives, business, NGOs and academia.  The transnational learning was summed up by general insights on selecting and transferring appropriate good practices, suitable for Lithuania, which contributes to closing the gap of collaboration for smart specialization in the bio economy and circular economy development in Lithuania.

For more information on the LARS project, please visit the website:  http://projects.interreg-baltic.eu/projects/lars-93.html


Project is coordinated in Lithuania and implemented by dr. Zivile Gedminaite-Raudone

Tel. (8 5) 261 7978, el.p. zivile.gedminaite@laei.lt;

Alongside the project is implemented by:

Dr. Rita Vilke el. (8 5) 2624156, el.p. Rita.vilke@laei.lt

Dr. Dalia Vidickiene (8 5) 2613169, el.p. Dalia@laei.lt




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